car accident claims

Car Accident Claims

Being involved in an automobile accident is a life altering experience.

However, you still must do what is necessary to protect yourself or your loved one who was injured in an accident.

Successful car accident claims require a strong foundation that clearly prove who was at fault and are dependent upon the evidence presented.

The first couple of days after an accident are very important for gathering and documenting any evidence.

Return to the Scene of the Accident

If the accident occurred away from your home, you should return to the scene of the accident as soon as possible. Keep in mind that there is no such thing as “too much evidence.”

On the scene, you should look for any road conditions that you believe contributed to the accident. These type of conditions may include:

–    A faulty traffic signal

–    A deep pothole

–    Broken stop sign

You will be surprised at some of things you discover that you weren’t aware of at the time of the evidence.

Taking photographs of everything you find is essential.  Be sure to take pictures from different angles and view that way your insurance company can have a clear picture of how the accident occurred.

How to Take Good Pictures

Photographs are everything in car accident claims. In many cases, they can be the determining factor in whether you receive a settlement.

Here are some tips for taking good pictures to present to insurance companies:

–    Pictures taken with a quality camera is important. Polaroid cameras may not capture important elements such as the lighting and weather conditions.

–    Snap as many pictures a possible from different angles. Later on you can go through the photographs and choose the ones that best depict how the accident occurred.

–    Be sure to take pictures as soon as possible because you want to show road conditions exactly as they were during the accident.

–    Have the photographs you’ve taken developed as soon as possible. You may even want to ask the print shop to stamp the date and time on the back of the pictures as evidence, or you can write the date on the back of the pictures yourself.

Find Witnesses

On the scene of the accident, you may find witnesses that were present during the accident.

Witnesses could include residents or homeowners who were present at the time.

Also, if there are businesses in the area, you may find that store employees saw the accident happen.

These are all potential witnesses that could support your claim.

Gathering Physical Evidence

Physical evidence is of extreme importance, especially since you may have been affected most by the injuries you sustained in the accident.

Photography visible injuries such as bruises, broken ligaments that may be in a cast, swelling and cuts.

If your injuries required that you were taken to the emergency room, you should have documents proving so. Report any injuries or physical conditions to your doctor immediately.

By failing to report your injuries early on, you establish a late medical record which could cause suspicions to arise on the part of insurance companies.