Key Links:

American Law and Economics Association

The Becker-Posner Blog

Blog of Nobel laureate (Economics) Gary Becker and Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Richard Posner, both of the University of Chicago.

Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America (CAMERA)

Media watchdog based in Boston


Eye on the U.N.

New York based U.N. watchdog

Herzliya Conference

 Hosted by the Institute for Policy and Strategy at the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya, the conference has become the "annual summit meeting" of the most influential Israeli leaders and select international figures

Israel Defense Forces Spokesperson

Middle East Media and Research Institute (MEMRI)

Translations of mostly Arab media.


NGO Monitor issues critical reports and analyses of NGO’s operating in the Middle East, especially regarding the Arab-Israeli conflict.

U.N. Watch

Geneva Based UN watchdog

To Look Up Treaties and Documents:

Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Good source of historical documents, particularly treaties and other diplomatic documents.

EISIL – Electronic Information System for International Law

Search tool maintained by the American Society of International Law

Independent Media Review Analysis (IMRA)

Haphazard but indispensible collection of newspaper articles and other tidbits concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. Sometimes accompanied by editorial comment.

International Committee of the Red Cross International Humanitarian Law

Treaty Database

International Court of Justice

International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia

International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda

International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea

Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Jewish Virtual Library

Excellent source for primary documents (web site also maintains a great deal of secondary material)


Israel’s Parliament

Permanent Court of Arbitration


Collects UN documents related to the “Question of Palestine.” Established and maintained by the UN Division for Palestinian Rights.