Rhetoric Versus Action


Question :

I just watched the beginning of your video presentation on the website on the fighting in Gaza:
You said: In all the main media outlets it was reported that the war began on December 27, despite the fact that it was Hamas who announced a week previously that it was terminating the cease-fire. Hamas also declared its intention to subject thousands of additional Israelis to the threat of rockets. This sounds like rhetoric is equal to action. Is it enough that Hamas declared its intent to strike? It makes me think of the movie “Minority Report” where people were arrested before they committed crimes.
How do you differentiate between rhetoric (Hamas talking trash) and incitement and intent to attack?

Answer :

Rhetoric is not equal to action. Hamas didn’t merely threaten. It launched more than a hundred rocket and mortar attacks on Israel in the week preceding December 27 as part of its plan to wage war against Israel. Hamas’s rhetoric is helpful in clarifying the intent behind the numerous attacks on Israel. Simply put: Hamas began an armed attack on Israel (action). It clarified with its words that this armed attack was not a response to an alleged Israeli attack but a policy decision to try to force a change in Israeli policy (intent).